Our Services

The foreing trade is a key area in business of any company today. Our knowledge of regulations and opportunities in different markets, coupled with our international experience we can offer solutions which increase opportunities, improve competitiveness and increase business profitability.

We have a wide variety of products, financial instruments and international trade logistics to meet the needs of your company and / or country that we complement with our customers.

Our goal is to satisfy both buyer and supplier, assuring reliable service and excellent professional quality, designed to give a successful business.

We act as trading intermediaries between supply and demand for many products from all regions of Argentina.

Argentina is well known for its vast spaces for agriculture, livestock and fisheries. In addition, Argentina constitutes a robust exporter in many food products, all of superior quality and at competent prices.

We have major clients from around the world, mainly from North Africa and Middle East, looking for supplies from the South American market, achieving a constant and varied international demand.

Also we have commercial links with other South American suppliers with whom we provide exceptional demands.

From receiving the order to assisting the coordination of the release and transport of traded goods to their destination by facilitating the implementation of agreed trade agreements, as the clients trusted us.