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Global Trade Argentina is a company founded in Rosario, in Santa Fe province, Argentina with 15 years of experience in international commerce. Its headquarters are situated 300km north of the city of Buenos Aires. Most of its executives are of Arabic origin, which enables them to better understand Arabic idiosyncrasy and culture.

Our activity is aimed at operating with the Arab world as sales representatives of the main suppliers of high-quality goods for each speciality. Our interest started when we discovered the vast range of possibilities of satisfying the needs and demands of important markets in Middle East and Africa with Argentine products. Soon, our services had gained fast and widespread acceptance.

From its beginning, Global Trade Argentina has devoted a large proportion of its resources to improving the tools that facilitate communication, making good use of new technologies and hoping to ensure efficiency and competitiveness in foreign trade.

We have a group of efficient and experienced multi-disciplinary collaborators and we coordinate the first contacts, search and monitor the transactions and also provide after-sales support.
Our customer's satisfaction is our prime objective and we also strive to consolidate our relationship with both, our customers and suppliers. Each achievement confirms that we are on the right track and strengthens our growth into the future.

Different organizations and companies based in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and other countries take advantage of our highly professional personalized service and permanent contact, which have resulted, over the years, in a bond of mutual trust.

We are currently working with a wide range of foodstuff, industrial goods and car parts market leading industries that have trusted us and thus, captured those markets enjoying the security and efficiency which our organization offers.

Our aim is to work with other countries so as to show the traditional quality and prestige of Argentine products to the world.

Thanks for visiting our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries, needs and projects. We shall be pleased to offer you our experience.

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